Darkmoon Rabbit, the new rarity

Anyone who was available during the opening of the Darkmoon Faire noticed quite a few other people waiting. The DMF is now a Crz zone so expect the Darkmoon Rabbit to jump up in rarity now that there is no guarantee the winner will be on your server. He’s up maybe three or four times during the week and with many other realms out to get him, expect his rarity to increase.

Brutal Pet Battler

I went into patch 5.3 not really looking forward to the PVP aspect. At least there is a quest to do 10 PVP battles so any really trepidations person will ideally be able to get the pet in 25 weeks. I had to mix up my team just so it wouldn’t get boring and I’ve still had a really harsh loss ratio. Good luck to everybody else.