Aki the Chosen

Aki is found in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Aki the Chosen – Location: Vale of Eternal Blossoms (31, 74)
Team 1: 10 rounds

1: Zandalari Kneebiter [4-P/P] (1,2,1 )
2: Clockwork Gnome [-] (1,1,1)
3: Carry pet (needs 500+ health)
Alt1: Zandalari Anklerender [14-P/P] (1,1,2), Zandalari Toeknibbler [4-P/P] (1,1,2)

vs Chirrup

– Bite > chain cast Leap until Chirrup dies (Leap gives a speed buff needed for Stormlash)

vs Stormlash

– Black Claw > Zandalari raptor dies to Call Lightning
– Switch to Clockwork Gnome > Build Turret > switch to carry pet > switch to Clockwork Gnome

vs Whiskers

– Metal Fist unless you can use Build Turret

Note: if Bite crits twice it kills Chirrup, so using more than one is a bad choice, you must have the Leap speed buff

Turret sometimes kills Stormlash in 1 volley but it is safest to expect carry pet to get hit once