WoW for now

Well, I’ve killed Garrosh in LFR (Since I don’t raid that is as good as heroic for me!), I’ve finished the Celestial Tournament and I have 12 toons at level 90 (One of each class and two Warlocks) decked out in at least Timeless Isle gear.  With the new Refer-a-Friend program coming soon I see myself throwing a little bit more money at Blizzard and WoW for those four pets, but if there is no expansion soon I’m pretty much finished until Warlords is coming out.

I’m not actually all that excited for Warlords of Draenor to be honest.  I wasn’t blown away by anything in the panels.  Garrisons look like this expansions time sink.  I don’t really care about the lore.  I was really getting into the whole idea of the Burning Legion but this step back is like a punch in the face.  They wanted us to play some original Warcraft and rather than port the RTS they decided to throw all their developers at it.  Sure, we get 10 new levels, but I don’t think very many people were clamoring for this.

Pet announcements felt pretty forced, with no specifics at all.  I think they expected us to be happy with what we had, not realizing most pet collectors would already have either leveled their whole account with pet battles or gone the other direction and not cared about pet battling.  Oh you can maybe have some of your pets running around your garrison, and possibly breed pets (Merge them and get the breed you want with a chance at epics.).  If that goes live, which it really doesn’t feel like it will, it will probably only work with wild pets, since all the really rare pets are unique and no one wants to waste a Lil’ Ragnaros.

I don’t even care that there is no new race or class.  The new character models don’t really affect me since I wear full armor.

I’m not sure what I was expecting.  To be blown away like I was in 2011 with the MoP announcement.  I got more excited about the inventory changes than anything else they announced.  Finally I can get my toy items out of my bank.

Well, hopefully the RaF announcement beings some joy back to the game, but if things stay the way they are now I might, for the first time in my WoW life, unsubscribe.

Darkmoon Rabbit, the new rarity

Anyone who was available during the opening of the Darkmoon Faire noticed quite a few other people waiting. The DMF is now a Crz zone so expect the Darkmoon Rabbit to jump up in rarity now that there is no guarantee the winner will be on your server. He’s up maybe three or four times during the week and with many other realms out to get him, expect his rarity to increase.


It seems like every patch send Mists came out is just better and better for pet collectors. 5.2 added the fable daily, which most people agreed stunk, but 5.3 will be splitting them into three quests.


5.1 has been out for three days now and it’s amazing. I’ve had a blast going back through all the old raids and finding the new wild pets.

I hope 5.2 brings us just as much pet content!

Pets by alphabetical zone


Ashenvale – Rusty Snail

Azshara – Turquoise Turtle

Azuremyst Isle – Grey Moth

Bloodmyst Isle – Ravager Hatchling

Darkshore – Darkshore Cub

Desolace – Stone Armadillo

Durotar – Creepy Crawly

Dustwallow Marsh – Spawn of Onyxia

Felwood – Minfernal

Feralas – Nether Faerie Dragon

Moonglade –

Mount Hyjal – Nordrassil Wisp

Mulgore – Gazelle Fawn

Northern Barrens – Cheetah Cub

Silithus – Qiraji Guardling

Southern Barrens – Giraffe Calf

Stonetalon Mountains – Venomspitter Hatchling

Tanaris – Silithid hatchling

Teldrassil – Crested Owl

Thousand Needles – Twilight Iguana

Uldum – Tol’vir Scarab

Un’goro Crater – Diemetradon Hatchling

Winterspring – Snowy Owl


Eastern Kingdom

Arathi Highlands – Tiny Twister

Badlands – Scorpling

Burning Steppes – Lava Beetle

Deadwind Pass – Restless Shadeling

Dun Morogh – Snow Cub

Duskwood – Widow Spiderling

Eastern Kingdoms – Festering Maggot

Elwynn Forest – Black Lamb

Eversong Woods – Ruby Sapling

Ghostlands – Spirit Crab

Hillsbrad Foothills – Infested Bear Cub

Loch Modan – Little Black Ram

Northern Stranglethorn – Polly

Redridge Mountains – Fledgling Buzzard

Searing Gorge – Molten hatchling

Silverpine Forest – Blighted Squirrel

Swamp of Sorrows – Mocassin

The Cape of Stranglethorn – Baby Ape

The Hinterlands – Jade Oozeling

Tirisfal Glade – Lost of Lordaeron

Twilight Highlands – Twilight Fiendling

Vashj’ir –

Western Plaguelands – Blighthawk

Westfall – Tiny Harvester

Wetlands – Tiny Bog Beast



Blade’s Edge Mountains – Scalded Basilisk Hatchling

Hellfire Peninsula – Flayer Youngling

Nagrand – Clefthoof Runt

Netherstorm – Fledgling Nether Ray

Shadowmoon Valley – Fel Flame

Terokkar Forest – Warpstalker Hatchling

Zangarmarsh – Sporeling Sprout



Borean Tundra – Oily Slimling

Dragonblight – Dragonbone Hatchling

Grizzly Hills – Imperial Eagle Chick

Howling Fjord – Fjord Wolf Pup

Icecrown – Scourged Whelpling

Sholazar Basin – Stunted Shardhorn

The Storm Peaks – Arctic Fox Kit

Zul’Drak – Water Waveling


Deepholm – Crimson Geode

Lots of new pet models!

Screenshot each one and copy + pasted the images!

Mists beta!

Thanks to my awesome connections with Blizzard, I’m already in the beta. Now I just need for the servers to actually come up so I can start pet battling!