WoD so far

It’s no secret I went into this expansion assuming this would be the end of my WoW playing. The story looked terrible, it wasn’t advancing us in any way and it just all around looked bad.

All that negativity out of the way, this is the most fun I’ve ever had with WoW. The Garrison is a huge time sink, and it takes me an hour to clear my 10 toons with them. Five have mines and I’m swimming in ore.

It helps that some of my friends are back and playing. I love noobing it up in dungeons without people getting frustrated. The first time through is always a struggle and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Great expansion to a great game!

An Awfully Big Adventure

I’ve been slowly working on the achievement to kill (defeat) all trainers with an Elekk Plushie on your team.  I’ve used multiple sources for the info, so I decided to compile everything I’ve seen from WarcraftPets.com and WoWhead.com into one easy to access page.  An Awfully Big Adventure.

It’s not finished yet, but all the Pandaria Trainers and the Celestial Tournament teams are in there.  Don’t make my mistake.  You just have to beat the first three, not the actual Celestials, so feel free to leave and heal whenever you need to.

Warlords of Draenor

I’m back to playing and I’m having a wonderful time. Got my first toon to 100, got 10 toons to their garrisons and slowly working on pet battling to the 500 for my level three menagerie.

The story is fun, even if I can’t decide if we are in the past or what. Guildies I haven’t seen in years are back and running heroics with me! Can’t wait to step into LFR again.

Shhh, I’m on a break!

I’m sure anyone in the guild can guess I’m currently taking time off WoW. I log in a few times a week, but there is nothing that really makes me want to play right now. Oh well. I still love all the guildies!

WoW now

I’m officially on hiatus from WoW, and originally it was so I could finish off my final semester, but the more I read about Warlords of Draenor the less excited I am about it.  I remember at Blizzcon 2013 sitting with Steve from WoWtcgloot.com during the initial announcement and saying “Eh.”  It just doesn’t look fun.  It doesn’t move the story forward for me.  We spent a whole expansion building up Wrathion and his warnings about the Burning Legion and now Garrosh escaped, went back in time, effectively neutralizing our entire timeline, although not really because there isn’t supposed to be a paradox.  This feels more like a side-story while they focus on something else.


However, the lull is too long.  There is normally something left to do between expansions.  No patch since Siege of Orgrimaar though.  I’ve loved WoW since it was released, but it just feels like they stopped caring about it.  I don’t want it to end, but I also don’t want to see things from before WoW even started.

WoW in Retrospect (The Burning Crusade)

The Burning Crusade was the only expansion I actually went to a midnight release to pick up. Collectors Edition of course.

I started The Burning Crusade a few minutes after launch.  I was still on Scilla in my guild Aint Neva Scared.  I spent the first few hours dying to the Fel Reaver that patted around Hellfire Peninsula.  This was when I started playing WoW with sound.  Seriously, I died roughly thirty times by him.  I still kill them when I see them in revenge.

I was at 70 pretty early on so I spent a lot of time waiting for guildies to catch up.  I wasn’t a fan of alts back then.

Once we had enough members at 70 we started raiding.  We had a lot of guild members, but we couldn’t fill a 10 man Karazhan raid.  Myself and the “hardcore” raiders decided to move to a bigger server, so Aint Neva Scared moved over to Burning Blade.  Within a few weeks the guild broke up and myself and a few raiders went to a 25 man guild.  This was the only expansion when I considered myself a hardcore raider, racing against another guild to clear Black Temple first.

Sadly, that guild broke up near the end of the expansion and I ended up going back to Scilla and playing casually for the rest of the expansion, while rebuilding my old guild under different names.  I still own most of the guild names as banks.

Jump Up Skellies

is made of candy

Dreadpony Express

The Lament Configuration

Biscuit Inferno

and I finally got Aint Neva Scared back going into Wrath of the Lich King