Celestial Tournament 1

1st Team
Taran Zhu

The pets I used:
I beat Taran with just one Moth with Moth Dust, Alpha Strike and Cocoon Strike and a Fossilized Hatchling. I used
Turn 1: Moth Dust
It is important to put the Monk to Sleep.  If you don’t forfeit the match you will take no damage at the point and you can start again.
Turn 2: Alpha Strike
At this point he should change up monks.
Turn 3: Cocoon Strike
Turn 4: Alpha Strike

When the moth gets stunned, bring in your Fossilized Hatchling, BONESTORM, Ancient Blessing and Bone Bite.  When he dies, back to your moth.

Chen Stormstout

The pets I used:
Anondized Robocub – Demolish/Repair/Supercharge
Anubisath Idol – Crush/Stoneskin/Deflection

Open with Anondized

Demolish (If this misses, since it’s a 50% chance, reset and go until it doesn’t!)

Switch in Anub




Deflect on sleeps and Brewly’s Hit reduce.

Robocub should mop up.


The pets I used:
Flayer Youngling – Blitz/Deflection/Kick (S/S breed)
Any rabbit with more than 300 speed – Scratch/Dodge/Burrow

Start with your rabbit, Wrathion will start with Cindy
1. Scratch
2. Dodge
3. Scratch until Cindy is dead.
When Cindy returns to life use Burrow
Wrathion will send out Alex, its pattern is Ancient Blessing>Flamethrower>Breath>Breath and repeat.
1. Burrow will hit
2. Dodge
3. Scratch until your rabbit will die.
Send out your Flayer Youngling.
Depending on the attack Alex is going to use:
Deflection if its Flamethrower
Blitz if its Ancient Blessing
Kick than Blitz if its Breath.
Alex should die quickly,
Wrathion will send Dah’da.
1. Blitz
2. Blitz
3. Deflection
4. Kick
5. Blitz
Dah’da should be dead, keep using Blitz if it isnt, Deflection and Kick on CD

Points to notice:
1. Flayer Youngling MUST be S/S breed in order to be faster than both Alex and Dah’da.