Christoph VonFeasel

Located on Darkmoon Faire Island for one week each month.

Your best bet against him are a Bronze Whelpling and Iron Starlette.  The Elekk doesn’t have to participate at all, just be in the group.

Bronze Whelpling first.

Tail Sweep

Syd will Bubble,

Tail Sweep

Fly to avoid Whirlpool.

Tail Sweep to end him.

Mr. Pointy comes out.

Early Advantage (Helps a lot if you have a fast Whelpling.).

Tail Sweep until dead.

Bring in your Iron Starlette.




(If you don’t have a fast Whelpling, another Powerball will finish him.)

Otto just cast Wind-Up, Supercharge and Wind-Up again.  One shot.