Eastern Kingdoms Rare Pets

  1. Abyssal Depths:
  2. Arathi Highlands:  Grasslands Cottontail
  3. Badlands:  Spiky Lizard
  4. Blasted Lands:  Scorpling
  5. Burning Steppes:  Ash Viper
  6. Deadwind Pass: Restless Shadeling (Available between 2-7a)
  7. Dun Morogh:  Snow Cub, Alpine Hare
  8. Duskwood:  Dusk Spiderling, Widow Hatchling (West side of the Twilight Grove)
  9. Eastern Plaguelands:  Festering Maggot, Infected Squirrel, Infected Deer
  10. Elwynn Forest: Black Sheep
  11. Eversong Woods:  Ruby Sapling
  12. Ghostlands:  Spirit Crab
  13. Hillsbrad Foothills:  Red-tailed Chipmunk, Infested Bear Cub, Snowshoe Hare (Old Alterac area)
  14. Isle of Quel’Danas
  15. Loch Modan:  Little Black Ram, Ram
  16. Northern Stranglethorn:  Polly, Crimson Moth, Forest Spiderling
  17. Redridge Mountains:  Mountain Cottontail, Redridge Rat, Fledgling Buzzard (North of Lakeshire)
  18. Searing Gorge:  Lava Crab, Molten hatchling
  19. Silverpine Forest:  Blighted Squirrel, Infected Deer
  20. Swamp of Sorrows: Swamp Moth
  21. The Cape of Stranglethorn: Wharf Rat (Booty Bay)
  22. The Hinterlands:  Brown Marmot, Jade Oozeling
  23. Tirisfal Glade:  Lost of Lordaeron
  24. Tol Barad:
  25. Twilight Highlands:
  26. Vashj’ir:
  27. Western Plaguelands:  Undead Eagle (Phased in Andorhal)
  28. Westfall: Tiny Harvester
  29. Wetlands:  Tiny Bog Beast