An Awfully Big Adventure

This achievement requires killing all the trainers with two pets and your Stuffed Elekk on your team.  This is mostly so I have an easy reference.  I got all the information for the Pandaria trainers from the thread

All of the information on the Celestial Tournament is from a comment.

Aki the Chosen
Beegle Blastfuse
Blingtron 4000
Bloodknight Antari
Bordin Steadyfist
Burning Pandaren Spirit
Chen Stormstout
Christoph VonFeasel
Courageous Yon
• Cymre Brightblade
Dr. Ion Goldbloom
Farmer Nishi
Flowing Pandaren Spirit
• Gargra
Goz Banefury
Hyuna of the Shrines
Jeremy Feasel
Lorewalker Cho
Lydia Accoste
Major Payne
Morulu the Elder
• Narrok
Nearly Headless Jacob
Nicki Tinytech
Okrut Dragonwaste
• Ras’an
Seeker Zusshi
Shademaster Kiryn
• Stone Cold Trixxy
Sully “The Pickle” McLeary
• Taralune
Taran Zhu
• Tarr the Terrible
Thundering Pandaren Spirit
• Vesharr
Wastewalker Shu
Whispering Pandaren Spirit
Wise Mari