Flowing Pandaren Spirit

Flowing Pandaren Spirit – Location: Dread Wastes (61, 87)
Team 2: 15 rounds

1: Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling [4-P/P] (1,2,2)
2: Carry pet (needs 700+ health, non-elemental type)
3: Tiny White Carp [-] (1,2,1)
Alt1: Imperial Eagle Chick [4-P/P] (1,1,2), Amber Moth [8-P/S] (2,1,2)
Alt3: Pandaren Water Spirit [-] (1,1,1), Emerald Proto-Whelp [4-P/P] (2,1,1)

vs Marley

– Peck x2 > Lift Off > Peck until Marley dies

vs Tiptoe

– Peck > Adrenaline Rush > Peck until Tiptoe dies

vs Pandaren Water Spirit

– Switch to carry pet > switch to Tiny White Carp
– Dive when there is 1-round left on Whirlpool and Geyser
– Water Jet otherwise (if fight lasts longer, use Dive to avoid Geyser and it’s stun)

Note: If using the Pandaren Water Spirit you can use Whirlpool instead of Healing Wave.

This can end the fight sooner but is higher risk.