Hyuna of the Shrines

Hyuna of the Shrines – Location: Jade Forest (48, 54)
Team 1: 16 rounds

1: ❗ Emerald Proto-Whelp [4-P/P] (2,2,1)
2: Carry pet
3: Yellow Moth [4-P/P] (2,1,2)
Alt3: Any moth

vs Skyshaper

– Emerald Presence > Emerald Bite x2 > Emerald Presence > Emerald Bite

vs Fangor

– Emerald Bite > Proto-strike > Emerald Bite until your Emerald Proto Whelp dies
– Switch to carry pet > switch to Yellow Moth > Alpha Strike until Fangor dies

vs Dor the Wall

– Cocoon Strike when Headbutt is up (or has 1-round left if you are slowed by Fangor’s debuff)
– Moth Dust when up, Alpha Strike otherwise

Note: The extra Emerald Presence is so you will start the fight against Fangor with the bonus Dragonkin damage buff

Also, if you don’t mind lengthening the fight, recast Emerald Presence when it has 1 round left vs Fangor as the ideal condition is to kill him with your Proto-Whelp and then have the Proto-Whelp eat the first Headbutt.