Thundering Pandaren Spirit

Thundering Pandaren Spirit – Location: Kun-Lai Summit (65, 93)
Team 1: 17 rounds

1: Rapana Whelk [-] (1,1,1) – – Any snail will do here!
2: ❗ Darkmoon Zeppelin [-] (1,2,2)
3: Carry pet
Alt1: Any snail

vs Pandaren Earth Spirit

– Dive > (if dive misses, forfeit and restart) > Acidic Goo > Ooze Touch until Pandaren Earth Spirit dies

vs Sludgy

– Ooze Touch > Acidic Goo > Acidic Goo (you will most likely die before the second cast of Acidic Goo)
– Switch to Darkmoon Zeppelin > chain cast Missile until Sludgy dies

vs Darnak

– It takes 3-4 missiles (assuming no crits) to get him in explode range (Zep explodes for 618):
Missile > Decoy > Missile x2 > Explode (ideal)
Missile > Decoy > Missile x3 > Explode — works if you miss with only 1 missile
Missile > Decoy > Missile x4 > pass > Explode — works if you miss with 2 missiles in the first 4 fired, but the fifth better hit
– If you crit with a missile you can explode early, as long as Darnak has under 619 health.

Note: your carry pet doesn’t need to participate, as it will be the only one left alive at the end of the fight and will thus receive XP