WoW in Retrospect (The Burning Crusade)

The Burning Crusade was the only expansion I actually went to a midnight release to pick up. Collectors Edition of course.

I started The Burning Crusade a few minutes after launch.  I was still on Scilla in my guild Aint Neva Scared.  I spent the first few hours dying to the Fel Reaver that patted around Hellfire Peninsula.  This was when I started playing WoW with sound.  Seriously, I died roughly thirty times by him.  I still kill them when I see them in revenge.

I was at 70 pretty early on so I spent a lot of time waiting for guildies to catch up.  I wasn’t a fan of alts back then.

Once we had enough members at 70 we started raiding.  We had a lot of guild members, but we couldn’t fill a 10 man Karazhan raid.  Myself and the “hardcore” raiders decided to move to a bigger server, so Aint Neva Scared moved over to Burning Blade.  Within a few weeks the guild broke up and myself and a few raiders went to a 25 man guild.  This was the only expansion when I considered myself a hardcore raider, racing against another guild to clear Black Temple first.

Sadly, that guild broke up near the end of the expansion and I ended up going back to Scilla and playing casually for the rest of the expansion, while rebuilding my old guild under different names.  I still own most of the guild names as banks.

Jump Up Skellies

is made of candy

Dreadpony Express

The Lament Configuration

Biscuit Inferno

and I finally got Aint Neva Scared back going into Wrath of the Lich King