Celestial Tournament 2

2nd Team
Wise Mari
The pets I used:
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling – Breath/Thunderbolt/Decoy
Anubisath Idol – Crush/Sandstorm/Deflection

Start with your Idol Mari will send out Carpe Diem.
1. Sandstorm
2. Crush until Carpe is dead, Sandstorm on CD
Switch to Dragonling
1. Decoy
2. Thunderbolt
3. Breath until dead, use Thunderbolt whenever Spirus uses Soul Ward.
Mari will send out River, switch back to Idol
1. Sandstorm
2. Deflection
3. Crush until either is dead, Sandstorm on CD and Deflection when River rise with Dive.
If Idol dies Dragonling sould use Decoy and Breath.

Shademaster Kiryn
The pets I used:
Tiny Snowman – Snowball/Call Blizzard/Deep Freeze
Tiny Sporebat – Shadow Slash/Creeping Fungus/Spore Shrooms (H/H breed)

Open up with Tiny Sporebat
1. Creeping Fungus
Switch to Tiny Snowman
1. Deep Freeze (Shademaster Kiryn will switch to Stormoen)
2. Snowball
3. Snowball
4. Call Blizzard
5. Snowball
6. Snowball (Stormoen sould die)
Shademaster Kiryn will sand Nairn again.
1. Deep Freeze (Shademaster Kiryn will switch to Summer)
2. Call Blizzard
3. Snowball until snowman dies
Send out Sporebat
1. Shadow Slash until Summer dies
Shademaster Kiryn will send Nairn again.
1. Shadow Slash until Nairn dies

Points to notice:
1. If you miss with Deep Freeze restart the fight since Nairn will heal itself and attack the back row.

Blingtron 4000
The pets I used:
Pandaren Water Spirit – Water Jet/Healing Wave/Dive
Amethyst Shale Hatchling – Leech Life/Sticky Web/Stoneskin (P/P breed)

Start with Water Spirit, Bling will open with Au
1. Water Jet
2. Dive
3. Water Jet untill Au is dead
Bling will send Banks
1. Healing Wave
2. Water Jet until Water Spirit is dead, Dive on CD.
Send Shale Hatchling
1. Stoneskin
2. Sticky Web
3. Leech Life
4. Sticky Web
5. Leech Life
Repeat until Banks is dead. Make sure to not use Leech Life if Hatchling HP is above 1200
Bling will send Lil’ B
There isn’t a rotation for Lil’ B
1. Stoneskin whenever you have 1 turn left
2. Sticky Web if he isn’t webbed or his Extra Plating is down
3. Leech Life if he is webbed (don’t use if Hatchling HP is above 1100)

Points to notice:
1. P/P Amethyst Shale Hatchling is the strongest shall spider, 2nd is H/P Crimson Shale Hatchling, the rest are below 300 attack and will drag this long fight even more.
2. Stoneskin should be up at all time!