Shhh, I’m on a break!

I’m sure anyone in the guild can guess I’m currently taking time off WoW. I log in a few times a week, but there is nothing that really makes me want to play right now. Oh well. I still love all the guildies!

WoW now

I’m officially on hiatus from WoW, and originally it was so I could finish off my final semester, but the more I read about Warlords of Draenor the less excited I am about it.  I remember at Blizzcon 2013 sitting with Steve from during the initial announcement and saying “Eh.”  It just doesn’t look fun.  It doesn’t move the story forward for me.  We spent a whole expansion building up Wrathion and his warnings about the Burning Legion and now Garrosh escaped, went back in time, effectively neutralizing our entire timeline, although not really because there isn’t supposed to be a paradox.  This feels more like a side-story while they focus on something else.


However, the lull is too long.  There is normally something left to do between expansions.  No patch since Siege of Orgrimaar though.  I’ve loved WoW since it was released, but it just feels like they stopped caring about it.  I don’t want it to end, but I also don’t want to see things from before WoW even started.

WoW for now

Well, I’ve killed Garrosh in LFR (Since I don’t raid that is as good as heroic for me!), I’ve finished the Celestial Tournament and I have 12 toons at level 90 (One of each class and two Warlocks) decked out in at least Timeless Isle gear.  With the new Refer-a-Friend program coming soon I see myself throwing a little bit more money at Blizzard and WoW for those four pets, but if there is no expansion soon I’m pretty much finished until Warlords is coming out.

I’m not actually all that excited for Warlords of Draenor to be honest.  I wasn’t blown away by anything in the panels.  Garrisons look like this expansions time sink.  I don’t really care about the lore.  I was really getting into the whole idea of the Burning Legion but this step back is like a punch in the face.  They wanted us to play some original Warcraft and rather than port the RTS they decided to throw all their developers at it.  Sure, we get 10 new levels, but I don’t think very many people were clamoring for this.

Pet announcements felt pretty forced, with no specifics at all.  I think they expected us to be happy with what we had, not realizing most pet collectors would already have either leveled their whole account with pet battles or gone the other direction and not cared about pet battling.  Oh you can maybe have some of your pets running around your garrison, and possibly breed pets (Merge them and get the breed you want with a chance at epics.).  If that goes live, which it really doesn’t feel like it will, it will probably only work with wild pets, since all the really rare pets are unique and no one wants to waste a Lil’ Ragnaros.

I don’t even care that there is no new race or class.  The new character models don’t really affect me since I wear full armor.

I’m not sure what I was expecting.  To be blown away like I was in 2011 with the MoP announcement.  I got more excited about the inventory changes than anything else they announced.  Finally I can get my toy items out of my bank.

Well, hopefully the RaF announcement beings some joy back to the game, but if things stay the way they are now I might, for the first time in my WoW life, unsubscribe.

WoW in Retrospect (The Burning Crusade)

The Burning Crusade was the only expansion I actually went to a midnight release to pick up. Collectors Edition of course.

I started The Burning Crusade a few minutes after launch.  I was still on Scilla in my guild Aint Neva Scared.  I spent the first few hours dying to the Fel Reaver that patted around Hellfire Peninsula.  This was when I started playing WoW with sound.  Seriously, I died roughly thirty times by him.  I still kill them when I see them in revenge.

I was at 70 pretty early on so I spent a lot of time waiting for guildies to catch up.  I wasn’t a fan of alts back then.

Once we had enough members at 70 we started raiding.  We had a lot of guild members, but we couldn’t fill a 10 man Karazhan raid.  Myself and the “hardcore” raiders decided to move to a bigger server, so Aint Neva Scared moved over to Burning Blade.  Within a few weeks the guild broke up and myself and a few raiders went to a 25 man guild.  This was the only expansion when I considered myself a hardcore raider, racing against another guild to clear Black Temple first.

Sadly, that guild broke up near the end of the expansion and I ended up going back to Scilla and playing casually for the rest of the expansion, while rebuilding my old guild under different names.  I still own most of the guild names as banks.

Jump Up Skellies

is made of candy

Dreadpony Express

The Lament Configuration

Biscuit Inferno

and I finally got Aint Neva Scared back going into Wrath of the Lich King

WoW in retrospect (Vanilla)

I’ve been playing WoW since release. I was 27 years old when I got into the beta. Prior to WoW, Everquest Online Adventures was my first foray into an mmo territory. I never hit max level in that game.

WoW came along and I played it mostly solo on my very first toon. I didn’t know about quests really, and I didn’t know about Thottbot (No Wowhead back then!) so I mostly ground out levels by killing mobs. I hit level 60 and didn’t do anything. There was nothing to do. I was WoW shy. That poor character still lives on the Blackhand server as a level 60 in farmed greens.

My wife left me, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Two pretty harsh things to happen at the same time. I knew my mom didn’t have much time left so I took a leave of absence from work so I’d have no regrets of not spending time with her. It was at this time my friend wanted to quit playing Silk Road and try WoW, so I let him use my second account (shhhh!) and I resubbed my first. We both rolled Warlocks. This is when Doobjanka was born on the Scilla server.

The game was different playing it with another person. It was fun. Suddenly there was someone to laugh at me when I pulled a Son of Arugal in Silverpine and died suddenly. Someone helped me quest and find mobs. It wasn’t as boring as the first time around. We met other people playing, a Shaman and Priest whose names escape me and a Warrior named Viiking. We could take on the world. We joined a guild called beta house and went on fun dungeon ing adventures.

This was all before level 60.

I dinged level 60 before my friends and got recruited to a bigger guild. Just my luck, the day I dinged was the day we opened the gates of Ahn Qiraj. It was a terrible time on a PvP server, undergearing everyone else and having giant Anubisath killing everyone. I died a lot. I don’t remember the event that well anymore, but it was epic.

Next came raiding. My first experience was in Zul Gurub. There was so much stuff going on and 20 people to coordinate. I’m glad I wasn’t the raid leader. We also went into Molten Core. I didn’t really understand the loot rules, but I was made an officer of the guild. As time went on, I didn’t like the way the other officers treated members. People asking for simple advice were completely ignored while they chatted in officer chat. I found a few friends that were willing to faction off with me and we staged a coup, taking the raiders we considered the best. Our new guild was called Aint Neva Scared and that was our motto. We attacked anything and anyone and to hell with the consequences. You couldn’t fly back then. Took forever for reinforcements to arrive.

We had upwards of 300 people in the guild but couldn’t field a 40 man for MC so we teamed up with another guild. Fun was had by all, until an officer snafu reset the other guilds dkp and we parted bitterly.

We spent the rest of Vanilla raiding ZG and killing the first boss in AQ20. The second boss was always bugged. I went into BC with the full ZG and AQ set, minus the trinket.

To be continued…