Celestial Tournament 3

Sully “The Pickle” McLeary
The pets I used:
Swamp Croaker – Tongue Lash/Swarm of Flies/Bubble
Any moth with this attack set and speed above 264 – Alpha Strike/Cocoon Strike/Moth Dust

Open with Croaker Sully will send Socks
1. Swarm of Flies
2. Tongue Lash until dead
3. Refresh Swarm of Flies when Socks returns to life
Sully will send Monte
1. Tongue Lash
2. Bubble
3. Tongue Lash until Croaker dies
Send out your moth
1. Cocoon Strike
2. Alpha Strike until Monte is dead
Sully will send Rikki
1. Moth Dust
2. Alpha Strike until Rikki is dead, Cocoon Strike on CD.

Points to notice:
1. Tongue Lash can hit 2-3 times so its possible for Socks to kill your Croaker sometimes.

Dr. Ion Goldbloom
The pets I used:
Mini Mindslayer – Mana Surge/Inner Vision/Life Exchange
Chi-Chi Hatchling of Chi-Ji – Alpha Strike/Tranquility/Ethereal

Open with Mindslayer
1. Inner Vision
2. Mana Surge
3. Mana Surge will continue (Scremer will Feign Death)
4. Mana Surge will continue
5. pass
6. Life Exchange
7. Switch to Chi-Chi
8. Tranquility
9. Ethereal or Alpha Strike if you have resilient buff
10. Alpha Strike
11. Ethereal or Tranquility if its on CD
12. Alpha Strike
13. Tranquility (Scremer will Feign Death)
14. Alpha Strike until Chaos is dead, keep Tranquility up and use Ethereal when Chaos uses uncertainty.
Ion will send out Screamer again.
15. Tranquility (Scremer will Feign Death)
16. Alpha Strike
17. Ethereal
18. Alpha Strike

Points to notice:
1. Instability has 50% hit, if it hit twice in a row there isn’t anything to do about it and you might lose.

Lorewalker Cho
The pets I used:
Nether Faerie Dragon – Arcane Blast/Life Exchange/Moonfire
Scourged Whelpling – Tail Sweep/Call Darkness/Plagued Blood

Start with your Faerie Dragon
1. Moonfire
2. Arcane Blast until dead
Cho will send out Patience
1. Life Exchange
2. Arcane Blast until Faerie Dragon is dead, Moonfire on CD
Send your Whelpling out
1. Tail Sweep until Patience is dead
Cho will send out Knowledge
1. Call Darkness
2. Tail Sweep until Knowledge is dead

Points to notice:
1. Use a P/P or H/P Faerie Dragon, you wont need any speed
2. Also strongly suggest you use H/H Scourged Whelplin